English National Ballet Gallery
"The movement is beautifully differentiated with her cool blond, hauteur slowly allowing more until they circle the room in a hot and edgy duet – not smutty but my goodness it smoulders. Strong acting and committed dancing from Tiffany Hedman and Daniel Kraus added much, but what elevated it even higher is the commissioned score from Laura Stevens – a sparse, almost Japanese-inspired affair, with strong piano base notes as they stalk one another, later becoming more electronic and urgent with the heat of bodies tangling. I hope Stevens and Runacre-Temple work together more – electric, rather like the ending as the dancers return to the Hopper moment of the start."
- Dance Tabs, "Give My Love to the Sunrise"
"Second invitee, Morgann Runacre-Temple, choreographer-in-residence at Ballet Ireland, to a commissioned original composition by Laura Stevens, takes on Orson Welles and film noir in Give My Love to The Sunrise: ‘doom and desire’ in three cinematic snapshots, chance meeting, romance and betrayal. She reaches back to 1947 and voiceover—Welles and Rita Hayworth’s in character from The Lady from Shanghai—with great Wellesian theatricality: ‘the sea is made of sharks’. Snapshot poses, a blonde femme fatale points her finger like a gun (‘I made a lot of mistakes’), Richardson’s lighting chasing the couple (in the hall of mirrors?), music shifting from electric drone to lyrical interludes. A soulful saxophone completes the period homage. Tiffany Hedman and Daniel Krauss look terrific."
- British Theatre Guide "Give My Love to the Sunrise"

"Laura's piece is amazing. There are a lot of elements and the piece amuses me very much. When I opened the page, I immediately understood her exceptional talent."
- Yasuo Shinozaki, Conductor for (variously) L A Philharmonic; BBC Symphony; Helsinki Symphony; Tokyo Phil, on premiere of "Long Walk" with Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, 2015

"It is wonderful to be reminded that the composing of beautiful classical music has not been resigned to a dusty museum, or forced into the bland concrete canal of film scoring. In my understanding, Laura Stevens deserves a place in the sky as a new star. I found her work immediately engaging, intelligently formed, well developed, and delightful on the ears. “Long Walk” (yes, Mandela’s) is a stunning tone poem in the late romantic / impressionist style, with vibrant splashes of colour, rich mixes of tonalities, warm bronzy brass, and ethereal atmospheric strings. I was pleased to read in the program notes that the Holstian quotation is an intentional reference to Jupiter as a metaphor for Madiba. In the composers’ words: “…a hint of greatness; an astronomical giant foreshadowing a giant among men.” I look forward to hearing this work again, hopefully in the near future. It is definitely well worth getting to know."
- Andy Wilding, Fine Music Radio, "Long Walk" Orchestral Premiere

Article on me/my work in the Cape Times, South Africa