We made CERN Collide International Artist Award Shortlist!

I'm happy to report that Morgann Runacre-Temple (my go-to choreographer and friend, who recently choreographed David Bowie's Swansong musical "Lazarus") and I were Shortlisted (out of 904 candidates from 71 countries) for the COLLIDE Artists in Residency programme at CERN (!!!) in Geneva.
If we had nabbed the prize, we wouldn't actually be getting blasted through subterranean Alpine tunnels, but would  be working with particle physicists to create engaging work focused on the overlap between science and art. There were some juicy swiss francs up for grabs too.  We were holding thumbs so tightly they could just about disintegrate into a primordial plasma soup, but unfortunately were not the winners this year. There could be only 1 resident artist , and their choice was undoubtedly based on the most meritorious submission from a highly competitive entry pool.


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