Give My Love to the Sunrise - ENB Choreographics 2015

I collaborated with a brilliant choreographer named Morgann Runacre-Temple, to produce the music for a one act ballet for the English National Ballet "Give my Love to the Sunrise" which was danced by two soloists from the company during a run at Sadler's Wells Dance Theatre in London in June this year. We received many excellent reviews and a repeat performance is scheduled for later this year at the Tate Modern in Liverpool, as part of the ENB's residency there with a view to producing Ballet in 'unconventional spaces'.

Here are some beautiful professional shots from Opening night (the ballet was inspired by the Orson Welles film noir epic "The Lady from Shanghai".

Links to Reviews can be found here:

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The Guardian
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 The dancers are American (ex Boston Ballet)
Tiffany Hedman (soloist of the English National Ballet); and Spanish Daniel Krauss (junior soloist of the English National Ballet).

More Reviews:


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