Summer of Completion

A busy few months for me in once frosty yet now sunny London!  I recently completed a large-scale orchestral commission for SAMRO (South African Music Rights Organisation) entited "Long Walk" dedicated to one of my personal heros, the late Nelson Mandela (RIP). So pleased, and hoping for performances with KZNPO, CPO and JPO by the summer season this year (2014/2015)- see below for a score snippet.
I was also SUPREMELY lucky in that I was afforded an opportunity to record a film cue with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra string section (who recently graced our ears with Howard Shore's score to Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" Trilogy). A good friend and fellow composer Ewan Clark proved an invaluable contact in sorting out a brief sliver of a session with them and can't thank him enough! Have a listen to the results from the session in the audio clip below ("Theme from Pierrot")

I'm really excited and honoured that my piece "A Certain Lady" (for Soprano and Marimba-above) which was commissioned by Bibilioteek Productions, is being performed at the famous National Arts Festival in Grahamstown tomorrow and Wednesday (8th/9th July)  by Magdalene Minnaar and Magda de Vries as part of their production entitled "RITUAL". Was hoping to be there but unfortunately was unable to fly out for it. I'm looking forward to sharing recordings and filming of the show soon!

On the film front, I've recently scored two short films "Variations on Charlotte's Afternoon" (dir. Christina Ruloff) and "Clairvoyance" (dir. Althea Avanzo) which are set to be screened at European festivals this summer and the latter of which has already been screened at the AFDA Experimental Film Festival. Both were such fun to work on and you can here a short cue from "Clairvoyance" below!

Excitingly, I've recently been taken on board by a really cracking Swiss Production team to work on a new film by a prominent Swiss Artist and Producer (to be directed by Christina Ruloff). We've got a great music budget and a full scale live orchestral score is in the works. This film is generously funded by a Swiss Arts and Literary foundation (it is a really fun quirky biopic about a prolific Swiss author and renaissance man called Albert Bachtold) and has been scheduled for both TV and festival screenings by the end of the year. Really looking forward to this! More to follow on that soon!
Have a listen to the little clips below and please feel free to browse soundcloud which is continuously updated! xx


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