Tobi + Neon

So it's back to old London Town. Been great being home for a spell but the Big Smoke calls and I answer.
Before leaving I had the pleasure to work with a great Italian film student (and firm friend) Althea Avanzo on a little old-school survivor horror which serves as the opening clip for a Video game where a man being tested on in a mental asylum against his will, and attempts to flee. Unbeknownst to him, he is the sole participant in a study who has proven to be immune to a toxic gas compound. The film ends at the start of the game play sequence, where the protagonist is faced with multiple doors/hallways to choose to run down- forming the menu screen of the game.
Anyway, something that is not my usual musical fare was a fun bit of writing and I enjoyed making shrieky tam-tam noises!

You can listen to the score alone here :

(recommended because the dubbing editor made the sound design freakishly loud- the bane of my life really)

Or you can watch it here (bear in mind it is a student production so sound in general (and dubbing- not my area!)could do with some polish but fun nonetheless).

I also had the pleasure of working again with Temi Longe (Animator) on her adorable little short film "Tobi". I loved weaving in the childlike African elements to the score and we were both really happy with the end result.
Have a listen here:

The final film can be viewed here
but is password protected so type this in to view: "funke" (no quotation marks)

Here's a little screencap, it's gorgeous mix of 3D and 2D animation (even the credits are CUTE- look out for my name on music staves :P)


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