Feature on BBC The Space

Some exciting news on both Concert and Screen fronts!

'Prospero and Ariel', a short animation I worked on (with animator Maxim Northover) has been selected for feature on BBC's art intiative 'The Space'. That can be viewed here or on Freeview HD Channel 232 in the UK.

I also provided music at the end of last year for a cancer charity in India's promotional film. They are called Kavach and do great work in spreading awareness of cancer's symptoms in rural communities. You can view that below:

I've recently completed 2 new shorts for the London Film School which look set to be great little pieces. Screening happening next month at the National Gallery in London.
I'm also currently negotiating some library deals with several notable online music libraries and looking forward to working with them soon!

In terms of concert composition:
Some news from my homeland: I've been selected to take part in the SAMRO (South African Music Rights Organisation) Young Composers Project for 2013 which will see me commissioned to write new works for major South African Orchestras like the Cape Town Philharmonic
I've also written a new work for a production entitled 'Rituals' featuring acclaimed soprano Magdalena Minnaar (who played 'Christine' in South Africa's run of Phantom of the Opera) and marimba player, Magda de Vries. More news on that soon.

An exciting time with lots of new bits and bobs in the pipelines!


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