So as deadlines for final portfolios approach this is merely a brief 'check-in' post to update my dear readers on some recent activity! 
I had a sterling session for my score for the animation 'Lifted', where a gifted bunch of musicians under the capable baton of Marcio da Silva (Masters Conductor) scrubbed, blew and whistled away to make what has turned out to be a very very pleasing recording. 
Here's a little snap of the bustling hive of activity (the final product will be posted soon after mixing!)

A heartfelt thank you to all those involved!

On the concert hall side of things, I recently had a masterclass with composing legend
 Mark-Anthony Turnage (of 'Anna Nicole' opera fame) on a movement of a new string quartet. He gave valuable feedback and it was an overall positive experience. The quartet is nearing completion and I hope to have a recording performed very soon! Once all my string playing friends are done with final recital prep, I shall pounce!

I was accepted on to a place at the Atlantic Music Festival's summer school composition programme (Maine, USA) however due to lack of funds for travel and subsistence I have had to turn it down. There's always next year though! I'll be in touch shortly with more news after June 1st when I will be one submission closer to a Masters degree! Stay sane! <3 Laura


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