Song Cycles + Russian Geniuses

My song for Baritone and Piano "She walks in Beauty, like the night." (from a short song cycle based on the poetry of Byron) was well-received last month at the St-Martin in the Fields lunchtime concert series. Big thanks to Matthew Buswell who nailed(!) the baritone part. I accompanied and really enjoyed playing in the beautiful and flattering venue. A recording (albeit very low volume) can be heard...


(I advise my dear readers to crank up volume on your pc! I will try to digitally amplify it soon)".

I was also lucky enough to work with some fantastic string players and a great pianist on a Portfolio rescoring of the film 'The Luzhin Defence". This was a very fulfilling project and session on the whole and I'm really thrilled with the result.

 I was also privileged to work with budding young director James Edge (from the London Film School) on his term project "The Turing Test." A short little acoustic score was the result and the general consensus was that it served the film, which was well-received at it's debut screening.


 A busy penultimate term here at the RCM . Currently I am piecing together my final Masters Portfolio , for both Screen and Concert Hall Works and simultaneously working on a dissertation about the representation of Africa and African Music in Film Scoring. Really enjoying the subject matter and hope to be able to share it with you soon. Wishing you a happy week and let's talk soon!


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