Long Story Short

Well it's been sometime since I updated my blog but that's not to say things have been quiet. On the contrary! Since the beginning of my 2nd Masters year at Royal College, I've hardly stopped to breathe/eat (drink etc. !)

In the first term (Septemer- December) I was lucky enough to collaborate with Some London Film School students on a Graduation film called Shells and Strings. I provided some diegetic music (to a mimed string quartet- which was a real challenge but eventual success) as well as non-diegetic; and a blending of the two. The story follows a Bosnian Musician who, after her partner is killed in the war, abandons music, only to reawaken her passion when her gifted son is given a violin.
There are some clips on my vimeo channel but a finished piece should follow shortly
: Laura Stevens Screen Music Channel

Portfolio work has been growing steadily and one piece in particular, a scoring of the Pixar short 'Lifted' was esepcially enjoyable and loved by my tutor Joe Horovitz. It will be performed with a live orchestra (accompanying the projected film) at the Britten Opera Theatre at Royal College of Music on 01 Feb so I am busily preparing scores and parts!
The synth mock up can be seen on Vimeo in the meantime- Enjoy, its hilarious!:

Clips from my 'Advanced Practical Skills' Assignment, where we were given a mere week to spot; score; conduct, record and dub a 15 minute film can also be found on Vimeo (I particularly enjoyed the improvisatory Middle Eastern Classical Music feel of this score!)

I have been fortunate enough to a receive a grant towards my degree from the International Film Music Foundation (Alan Silvestri; Patrick Russ and others chair this organisation) and will hopefully be showing them some portfolio work at their request. SO grateful for that opportunity and support.

In terms of Concert Hall Composition, I am currently studying with both Joe and Alison Kay and have entered an Orchestral Tone Poem into the Termly Concerto Competition at RCM for potential performance by the RCM Symphony, so hold thumbs and toes and bows for that! I had a piece 'Et Decorum' for Horn , performed at the National Portrait Gallery in November as part of the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize Commission. Live Recordings of this can be found on my Showreel/Recordings page here on my blog.

SO much work in the pipelines


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