Pret a Portfolio

Well my MMus year 1 portfolio is done and dusted and frankly I'm relieved -and also a little proud. Some additional clips are available on my vimeo channel (sound and picture link in the right hand panel). I'm particularly proud of the cues that were programmed from scratch with logic (sequencers) as this was a skillset I was lacking in on setting out on this course and I believe I've made significant progress in.

There's a great live recording for the score of 'West Pier'; a short animation inspired by the untimely demise of Brighton Pier, which was performed by a live ensemble to picture at the Royal College of Music's 'Screen Composer's Showcase' and the studio recording and sync of which is available in audio format (to the right under 'audiophiles') and also with visuals under 'sound and picture'. VERY happy with the performances of the wonderful Mulberry Wind Quintet and Silvia Vicario on harp respectively. MUCHOS love to you.

In terms of upcoming work, have had my skills enlisted by two animation students at Central St Martins (one 2d and one 3d animator) and am excited about the upcoming screening of these two shorts at the National Gallery in London on the 23rd June as well as at various animation festivals throughout the summer. The medium really lends itself quite nicely to creative freedom and dabbling (something i'm rather fond of).


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