Greed (Our favourite sin)

Finished work a few weeks back on a short film collab with LFS MA Student 'Mu Li' as part of his production and direction course.
We drew inspiration from the tango theme that appears in Kar Wai Wong's(Hong Kong director) epic "2046".
The result is a short string based score with some menacing death rattles and an almost 'Carmen'-esque operatic and melancholic theme with pulsing lower strings accompaniment.
You can view one of the first takes on my Vimeo channel (this isn't the final one used but is my favourite one). There is no ambient noise or sound fx in that particular version as it is merely a working copy.

The film was screened at the National Gallery on 26/03 so I'm just waiting for a final edited and compressed version from the director to pop up in my inbox for upload to my portfolio (Hurry up Mu!)

Have been on a short Easter Break visiting the family and loved ones in Cape Town, South Africa for three weeks which has been thoroughly unproductive (I blame the weather) but am looking forward to hearing a new work written for Historical Performer Ruth Bruckner (Austria) entitled 'Piccadilly'(for 3 solo recorder) and my Clarinet Trio ' Fantasia for 3(AM) being performed on 5th and 6th of May at the Royal College of Music 'Contemporary Music in Action' Concert Series. Piccadilly saw me deciding to be exceedingly cruel to poor Ruth and write an insanely gestural and 'open to interpretation' avant garde score. I got my come-uppance when trying to convert my crazy extended technical ntoation into a sibelius file though (which took the better part of two days).
Such is new music eh.

loves xx


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