Wham Bam Let's Jam...as much info into one post as I can!

Quick update on whats been going on in Laura land for the past 2 months- workwise anyway (let's not even BEGIN to mention my personal life, for everyone's sake).
Took up an internship position at Schott Music publishers in Soho, amazing to get an insight into that side of the composition world.
Have done a commercial recording and 2 live performances as one of 5 pianists in an avante garde art intallation called Words and Music by local artist called Elizabeth McAlpine (really fun stuff- for more on the whole notion behind the piece look her up and visit her website).
Worked with a London Film School Directing Student on a very short film called Suzanna, as part of her portfolio- some french/burlesquey style composition- check out 'synth mock ups' on the left for one of the first drafts.
Had one of my Solo Cello pieces (named 'Cassandra' after the classic myth) performed by an amazing Cellist from the College at the National Portrait Gallery as part of the Taylor Wessing Portrait prize opening- very shellshocked! But all went swimmingly. You can listen to that HERE :

cassandra, national port gallery 12.11.10.mp3

I am starting collaboration with a Royal College of Art student shortly on a baroque inspired animation so wacth this space for that.

As of Friday, I've just finished work on a big project where we were set a 15 minute film (period WW2 piece) to score for a live ensemble of 14; followed by recording session with live musicians(which i conducted- AMAZING I have to say, to be on the other end of the baton- and not as easy as it may look to some!) ; which will then be dubbed to picture over the next few days and count as a big piece of assessment work. As the footage is copyright and owned by BBC I will only be able to load audio files up here, but will definitely do that in the weeks to come for those that are interested. I went with a very 'expressionist' orchestration style, and quite a dark minimalistic yet melancholy score. My poor harpist had her work cut out for her but really nailed it in the session. Still on a bit of a high from it really, great to hear things materialise for real, that you've just been listening to synthed versions of for a month prior! WILL CHECK IN soon with some more detailed accounts, this is just a very quick albeit jam packed update for anyone you cares! Stay rapt.

Image Inspiration for 'Cassandra':
copyright David Knight- "Catharina"


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