London called, I went

So, much to my scrumptious delight, my funding sources pulled their weight and by hook or by crook I find myself sitting in dank old North London, on my Morning off from my Masters Studies in COMPOSITION (CONCERT AND SCREEN) at the Royal College of Music.

The course has been really stimulating so far and I'm currently working on a little animation piece to pair with a project created by a Royal College of Art student caled 'West Pier'. It's a quirky wind quintet with harp and effects thrown in for good measure. The score is complete so now it's on to sampling. I've noticed my widgets aren't working for some reason so will be updating the widgets containing concert recordings of the pieces listed on the right asap!
Keep those onions peeled for some embedded video of an Allan Gray Commercial which very cleverly documents the all too short potential life on James Dean backwards, from old age to the fatal turning point where his time was cut horribly short.
Busy mixing and adding finishing touches but that should be up soon- a nice emotive orchestral score was in order.

Oh on a very epic note, I rubbed shoulders with Lord of the Rings (among countless others) composer, Howard Shore two weeks ago EEEK it was very surreal. He gave a somewhat lofty talk to my group, followed by Q and A session, and the day culminated with a screening of LOTR accompanied by the London Philharmonic at the Royal Albert Hall. Quite a nifty experience.

I've formed a piano quintet (well, been recruited as cellist) which is soon to be churning out some reperoire and hopefully performing at internal concerts or private events, and am also collaborating with some performers in the aptly named 'Contemporary Music in Action' elective, so its not all multimedia for me right now. Good old straightforward composition and performance is never too far away. Something I'm finding very illuminating is a course I'm doing in electroacoustic music, with a rather charismatic lecturer who is just awesome to behold and indeed to listen to. I've been learning about creating my own samples, tweaking waveforms, circuit bending and all manner of rad physics related musical topics. At least my brain isnt turning to the artistic mush I feared it would.

Stay online for more updates- sorry to be have silent for so long. Keep it together. Laura


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