Staggering up, slowly

So, this whole blog thing is harder than it looks- I've coded entire webpages (despite being the novice I am) with less hassle (especially the adding of music files which had to be done one at a time (see side-bar) -it's clunky at best but will be updated with a sleeker 'playlist format' player as soon as I can figure the blasted coding out!)

In other news, I have been accepted into the Masters Programme at the Royal College of Music (RCM) in London, UK majoring in Composition for screen (and hopefully continuing with a bit of piano and cello on the side) so the hunt is on for funding before September.

I've had some promising leads with the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust who offer funding for performing arts students and hope to get a 'yes' from them in the next few weeks.

The more nail-biting and somewhat exciting aspect of this is that I've also entered the SAMRO (South African Music Rights Org) Overseas Bursary Competition (yes it puts a competitive spin on the whole student financial aid thing)for which I wrote 'Bara i Ngahfi?' (on the right) and to which I have submitted a portfolio for the prelim round. I'll know if I'm a finalist in July, which will result in me flying up to Johannesburg for live performance final round- so hold your freezing thumbs.

By the way, funny story about the title- the 'trio' section of the portfolio had to incorporate african elements, hence the use of marimba and the 'col legno' playing in the cello (playing with the stick of the bow rather than the hair). So, there I was musing over a suitable title and after much deliberation (or not much at all really). I decided to be cheesy and go for an attempt at an indigenous language reference, and the most obscure one I could find at that- a little known language from the North called Venda.

So I type 'Venda phrases' into google and the first hit I get 'Bara I Ngahfi?'. What does it mean- Where is the bar? Quite apt and appropriate to my feelings at present :D
See if you can hear the 'protagonist' getting more and more pissed and erratic as the piece progresses from the 'ambient end of the day haze' into a state of inebriation and ultimately, hang over and regrets -possibly..

A big thank you to amazing performers:
David West- Marimba
Eddie McLean- Cello
Liesl Stolz- Flute


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